La Liberte Music Studio, Eau Claire, WI

Every child can play the piano!

Every Child Can Play the Piano!

•    Do you want your child to enjoy playing the piano?
•    Do you want your child to be able to play a complete song?
•    Do you want your child to have the confidence to play for your family and friends?
•    Do you want your child to feel a sense of accomplishment?
•    Do you want your child to develop self-esteem, respect for others and an artistic sensibility?
•    Do you want your child to be a fine person with a beautiful heart?

Every child has talent and deserves to have his/her potential nurtured and developed.  Through listening to fine music and studying music at an early age, children develop not only excellent skills, but also self-esteem, respect for others and a strongly cultivated aesthetic sensibility.

Talent Education Approach

The main purpose of Shinichi Suzuki’s Talent Education is to enrich the child’s life through music, developing technical knowledge and skill in playing the piano, while building character and developing an appreciation of beauty through enjoyable musical experiences.  Suzuki believes that talent is no accident of birth, but that everyone is born with a high potential.  

If good teaching methods are used and an ideal environment is provided, it is possible for every child to demonstrate a high level of accomplishment. This is evident in that all children learn the complex skill of speaking their mother tongue from their parents at an early age.  Even though every child learns successfully, each child has his own rate of learning.  Suzuki’s Talent Education approach to teaching piano is based on those principles.


Looking for constructive, enriching experiences to channel your child’s curiosity and energy?  
The joys of musical expression are enhanced by the building of self-esteem and self-discipline, 
while enhancing muscular, visual and aural development.  

Piano teacher Mary La Liberte will motivate your child with her youthful enthusiasm,
 and fun and creative teaching of the Talent Education approach of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.